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1, Paypal

You can also make payment by Credit card or Debit card directly by paypal, or Express checkout via Paypal.


2, Western union or MoneyGram

westunion moneygram  


3, Pay by Bank(T/T)

tips: If use T/T, there may be some third party charge besides normal transaction fee, so sometimes the amount we receive is less than what you paid. The best way is Paypal & Western union.

When place order, you'll see the informations what you need to make payment. 


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Газиза 2015-01-10 14:16:47

Здраствуйте, чтобы оплатить заказ через western union надо в долларах отправлять?

Administratoryes, dear, for the currency we only accept the USD , please kindly ask the bank to exchange for you.

Reyam 2014-12-12 09:49:08

Please I'm trying to pay for my orders but I got the same message in every time which ( payment filed ) I used more than one method to pay but I can't

Administratordear, we feel so sorry for the problems that caused. would you please kindly change a browser to have a try, please login on our site with the username and check the order details, and directly make payment, if any problems, you can just chat online with us.

shonda05 2014-11-28 23:12:14

can u tell me if my card went through cause i think i put in the wrong exp date

Administratorsorry, dear, do you mean the order S2014112887804 ? as we checked the payment is failed, please double check

sanaalmarri 2014-11-08 00:10:07

hi , I checkout with my order which no. S2014110704560, and you should take only $228.30 from my visa , but you take $385.55 . can you till me why? and what is the problem?

Administratordear, for this order S2014110704560, we really only received $228.30 , please double check , we think maybe there are some misunderstanding.

Carolina Grave_fb 2014-11-07 03:16:39

Thank you! The orders to cancel are S2014110508377 and S2014110575230

Administratorok, dear, we have canceled these 2 orders for you, please check

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