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What Is Drop-Shipping
Drop-shipping is a business mode in which the Drop-shipping clients do not keep goods in stock, instead transfer customer orders and shipment details to wholesalers, who then ship the goods directly to the customer. The Drop-shipping clients make their profit on the difference between the wholesale and retail price.
How Do Drop-Shipping With Lovelyshoes.net
Here are the steps:
1. Sign in lovelyshoes.net
2. Choose products to sell from our store
3. List product on your website and sell
4. Collect payment from your customer
5. Make the same order in lovelyshoes
6. Fill the full shipping information of your customers
7. We'll send package directly to your customers. 
Please note:
1. As a drop-shipper, it is your responsibility to know about taxes and import duties and inform your customers in advance. Lovelyshoes.net has no responsibility for providing tax information relevant to your country. However, we will do whatever we can to help you minimize the tax burden if you have special packaging/declaration instructions.
2. In order to make successful drop shipping, we require you to  provide the exact address of your customers. And we will also verify the shipping address before processing the order.
3. We will never send shipping parcels with Lovelyshoes.net coupons or invoices to your customers, so as to protect your benefit as a drop shipper. If your customer has any questions or wants to repair, return or replace the products they purchased, they must contact you first.

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Anonymous user 2015-05-15 04:51:18

plz i need the loction in turkey and information numbers

Administratorsorry dear, but we only have this online web site if you are interested our products, you can just place the order on our site , thanks

Lisa2015 2015-02-12 21:13:51

у меня есть свой интернет магазин.хочу стать вашим партнером и дропшипером.возможно ли это?

Administratordear, we offer the drop ship service you can just submit the order on our web site, and please write your customers address on the order, then we can send the packages directly to your customers, it is very convenient

danderson778 2014-12-21 06:36:57

do i have to sign up online to become a droshipper?

Administratordear, you can just place the order on our web site and write your customers address on the order, then we can send the order directly to your customers.

Anonymous user 2014-10-20 16:27:14

Hello, I still have not received my order and the tracking number is wrong RJ135883882CN , please could give me this. Thank you.

Administratorsorry, dear, would you please kindly tell us the order number or username, and we can check for you waiting for the reply

Toya2403 2014-10-09 23:14:07

Hello. Can you provide me with a list of all shoes available size 44 or larger?

Administratorsorry, dear, you can check our plus size shoes here http://www.lovelyshoes.net/Plus-Size-Shoes-c20 but for most of the plus size shoes, the biggest size is china size 43. sorry for the inconvenient that caused.

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