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About Us


Thanks for your interest in lovelyshoes.net and welcome!


Lovely Fashion is a global online fashion retailer and wholesaler. At Lovely Fashion; we are committed to offering a truly outstanding selection of women fashion shoes and bags at affordable prices. We also have plus size shoes, because we believe that shoes can only be comfortable when they are a perfect fit. Lovely Fashion shoes are designed with the best of each season’s trend, details and materials that women will love for every day. We pride ourselves on having exceptional low wholesale price in good quality and knowledgeable customer service which are always looking at ways to improve.


Now we are the best supplier to retailers and boutiques online or entities shop all over the world. We have larger quantity of clients especially from:
Southeast Asia countries, e.g.  Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand, etc
North America, e.g. USA
Oceania, e.g. Australia, New Zealand
Europe, e.g. Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, France, Germany, UK


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Anonymous user 2014-04-18 21:19:56

Olá! Eu tenho um blog, o http://haveafreespiritt.blogspot.pt/, e adorava fazer uma parceria com vocês! De modo a publicitar tanto a vossa roupa Hi! I own blog ( http://haveafreespirit.blogspot.pt/ ) and I'd love to have a partnership with you, in order to advertise your line of clothing as well as your website. Along with the blog I also own a facebook profile of said blog, which will result in more visibility for you! It would be amazing if you said yes, please take some time to consider my offer.Thanks for reading and I hope you comeback with an answer!

Administratorthanks so much dear for the blog, please check the details here http://www.lovelyshoes.net/Fashion-Blogger-a69.html and please kindly contact our blog@lovelyshoes.net if our blog team interested in your blog, they will contact you soon.

Helenabgm 2014-04-07 06:34:47

How long would it take to have shoes delivered to Pittsburgh ?

Administratordear, we have many customers from U.S.A, usually we will need about 3-5 days to process the order after it paid, and by fedex it takes about 3-5 days on the way.

Aishahalomar 2014-04-03 20:32:41

I checked about my address I need to know where is your store is it in China or anther country ??? Because aramex need the country of the store website please give me the details of your sit ; thanks

Administratordear, we are in china but please check your address Aishah Al Omar / KWI43479 Building C, 1/F1618 Yishan Rd Kuwait Shanghai 201103 Kuwait 0096590055733 you write the city and country as Kuwait , but the address is in shanghai , please double check

Aishahalomar 2014-04-02 18:30:38

Please cancel my order #2014040268750 because there's a problem in payment method and shipping my order #2014031489728 and if you can send it before 8th, April because I need the shoes for the party in 9th, April with my pleasure

Administratordear, we have canceled the order 2014040268750 for you, please check but for the order 2014031489728 , we have sent the email to you, but there are no reply till now. plese double check the address, the country is Kuwait , but the address is in shanghai, please check and offer us the right address.

missc 2014-04-01 09:58:51

I wanted to cancel because I didn't hear anything back about a confirmation email and didn't know if I would have them in time for my event since I didn't get a email and tracking number

Administratordear, because for the order S2014033127710, we just process for you from yesterday, and we are processing now, maybe we will need about 3-4 days more to process . once we send out the order, then we will offer you the tracking number soon . please kindly understand so do you still want this order ?

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